Allison Declercq-Matthas


About Allison

Hi and welcome to my little space! I'm an aspiring editor and sound recordist/boom operator with most of my current experience in editing. I graduated with a Creative Industries: Television HND from Edinburgh College in June 2019 and have been building up my work history since.

For post: I'm excited to say I've been editing for clients since December 2018 (not including editing work within a wider role like reporter or office assistant). I'm organised and eager to learn more about efficient workflow. I'm familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro, but looking for a chance to conquer Avid as well.

For the set: If you are looking for someone energetic, always-looking-for-something-to-do, set smart and enthusiastic I'm the gal for the job! Most of my current work is on small crews where one has to be alert, flexible and quick. It's been a series of steep learning curves and I LOVE IT! But I'm also familiar with the hierarchy of a larger crew where I only focus on preparing equipment for the sound technician and readying myself to put the boom in efficiently and effectively.