Allison Declercq-Matthas


About Allison

Hi and welcome to my little space. I'm a Location Sound Mixer and Sound Assistant – depending on the size of the production – eager to travel (most out-there location so far is Berneray in the Outer Hebrides)!

If you are looking for someone energetic and enthusiastic about sound I'm the gal for the job! Plus I have my own kit! Most of my current work is on small crews where I am the entire sound unit. I've had to overcome issues like weather, limited space, distance and external noise. As a Sound Mixer I'm alert, flexible and quick.

But I'm also familiar with the hierarchy of a larger crew where I only focus on preparing equipment as a Sound Assistant and/or readying myself to put the boom mic in efficiently and effectively. I have a deep passion for seeking out the best sounds on set (and off) to tell the best story on screen.