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Over 2020 I didn't want to sit still so I pushed into post to learn more about sound editing and design. Previously, as an offline editor for promotional videos, I was already doing a lot to clean up dialogue, but new work with an emphasis on sound design has been teaching me about the emotional strength of audio. I recorded a lot of the foley myself and used different adjustment techniques to get the sounds exactly as I wanted. 

In early 2021, for example, I was employed to edit two 20 minute monologue audio dramas for Speak Of The Devil Plays:

In "Hairsuit" the protagonist, Marnie, is horrified to discover that she didn't shave her short and curlies before heading to the pool! 

"I LAUGHED and I found it very refreshing." 

"That was an incredibly professional recording."

"Mussels" follows curvalicious Bonnie as she tries to get through a lunch date with her hard-earned self-esteem intact. 

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